Disputes arise from time to time in life, our specialist litigation team of Gerry Harrington, David Berry and Gary Forbes look to assist by giving timely advice and support to clients whilst remaining objective and giving clear advice on the merits of the issues.

You may have an argument at work and need employment advice on the merits of a claim; or advice on dismissal; redundancy or equal opportunities.

It may be a dispute with a neighbour regarding the boundaries of your property needing resolution; or with a contractor regarding work being carried out for you or supplier of goods regarding the standard of those goods - whatever the issue our litigation team is experienced in these types of disputes and many others.

The main aim of our Litigation team is to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently and if possible to avoid the costs and delays of court proceedings - but should proceedings be necessary then our Litigation team have the necessary experience to assist you.

Our Litigation services include:

  • Land and Property disputes
  • Contract disputes and debt recovery
  • Sale and supply or goods and services
  • Company – director and shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Employment Law

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